Sunday, April 03, 2005

Random Insight to Practicing Law in Alaska

There is a weekly column in Anchorage's daily newspaper called The Ear.

I have been remiss in sharing my giggling contentment from last week's column.

Apparently one of the approximately 2,500 esteemed and practicing members of the bar in the State of Alaska became frustrated by the new security machine set up at the Anchorage courthouse. It kept beeping. A line of lawyers trying to get upstairs was building up behind him. Everyone was mad that noone bothered to notify them that a new security system would delay their entry, and they were all (as a result) late. Even after taking off his shoes, and then his belt, he still beeped.

So he took off his pants.

Then he walked through without a beep, put his pants back on, and apparently went upstairs and carried out his professional purpose for being there.

The Ear gave his name, but then showed restraint and refused to name the two girls from Fairbanks that went to David Copperfield's show then followed him back to Vegas.


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