Saturday, March 26, 2005

Sunny Days and Sourdough Bagels

Today could not be more beautiful in Anchorage, Alaska. The skies are blue. The sun is bright and warm, so everyone is outside walking dogs, jogging or just strolling. Without jackets. But the ground is still cold enough that everything is solid frozen, not squshy muddy or slippery slushy.

Last night, my neighbors had a big barbeque. They wore jackets, and had a fire roaring in the fire pit, but they were outside.

Summer is so close.


As for Cooking for Kodiak, I have a batch of sourdough bagels kneaded, rolled-out, shaped and rising on my counter. J's getting sworn in today. On the top of a mountain. He and the swearing in judge started their hike early this morning.

As for cooking for myself, I'm making hot cross buns for Easter tomorrow. I couldn't find sultanas at New Sagaya so I'm making do with organic California raisins and chopped dates. To add an Alaskan flair, I do contemplate adding chopped up cranberries (currently frozen, but that only makes them easier to chop).

Puck and I will be driving out to Eagle River for Easter Dinner. We were both invited to a colleague's family's reunion.

Oh - how can one not love a place where Easter Dinner is a family reunion and an open invitation to everyone and anyone and the invitations are extended with equal warm to everyone and anyone's dogs?

To make it better, how can one not love a place where social opportunities are so democratic and Life is such that one has the leisure to make his contribution personalized and from scratch?

Best Wishes and Warm Regards from Alaska for your Easter or Passover or Spring Frolics.


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