Saturday, April 01, 2006


That last post should be dated today.

But it's not an April Fool's joke. I really am a musher in tomorrow's "rookie" dogsledding race. And I am really adapting my whims to a budget that I voluntarily entered into.

I just lack any technological finesse and don't know how to get Blogger to let me correct the date.

And, as for addendum's, I'm quite excited to say that as soon as I log off I'll be diving into the project of seeing if I can use Mona's recipe for Chocolate - Banana Tea Bread** as a recipe for the chocolate banana cake that I intend to offer as a desert for a "soup and bread" potluck dinner party that we've been invited to tonight. My pantry is absolutely void of any wines, and unless I find room in my budget to have some some flown out from Anchorage, it appears that I'll be spending the next couple of months reciprocating generousities and saying my thank-yous with baked goods forged from the goodies that are in my pantry.

I'm already thinking about saying thank you to the local musher that is lending me his dog-team for tomorrow's race with a cast-iron skillet of sticky buns. But we'll see if time allows me to carry-out the intention.

Hope all is well!



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Blogger Mona said...

AAAAAAAH! I can't believe you tried it. Do tell me how it went?! Was it as moist and yummy as you hoped? Please tell me it went well or I'll feel so bad;)
What exactly is a musher?? for the dog sled race? I can't believe you were involved in one. I'll have to look it up online right now.

9:20 AM  
Blogger peeps said...

Hi Mona,

Suffice it to say, there just may be a fiddle-dance somewhere in the vastness of Alaska dedicated to your chocolate banana bread....well, of course, I made it as a cake, and carried it over in a ceramic pie plate with a dusting of powdered sugar. But this was the only change. It was a hit, absolutely delicious, and certain to be requested again and again and again. Afterall, when we have bananas here, chances are they are of the requisite ripeness and I do have that 5 pounds of cocoa powder! Thank you!
p.s. Mushers are the people on the back of the dog sled. I live in an area of Alaska where the traditional transportation of dogsleds is still common. Many people can remember times when it was the only alternative transportation to walking. Most people learned this lifestyle from growing up with dog teams. Others who moved here in adult years generally learn it from assisting "mushers" with the feeding, running and caring for of their dogs.

10:47 AM  
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