Friday, June 17, 2005

Landmarks and Notes

My car dealer just called me to wish me a happy one year anniversary with Sassy Su - my cherry red subaru with a moonroof.

Three days ago, Puck celebrated his first Alaskaversary.

Two weeks ago, I celebrated mine.

As for the notes, J. took back to Kodiak: a bag of Kodiak Carbonnade, a bag of pluot graham scones, a bag of oatmeal scones, a tray of macarroni and cheese with Idaho semillon and onion, a couple fiddlehead and crab quiches (in individual-portion sizes), and a hefty slab of strudel (peach and blackberry, with a lacing of Oregon homemade wildberry freezer jam to supplement the inevitable lack of branch-ripened sweetness in the peaches that are selected with the purpose of surviving the shipment to Alaska).

In one week, we will have dated for 10 months, but I've known that I wanted to date him since the day after my first Alaskaversary.


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