Monday, December 13, 2004

Reindeer Walking

Yesterday I took Puck for a drive to Blockbuster.

I stopped at the quilt store, but didn't buy anything.

I paid a fine ($35) for the movies I had failed to return, then rented two more that I'll probably fail to return.

This is why I never owned a vcr machine.

I fail to return the movies.

[It should be noted, though, that towards the end of summer, and with the days getting ominously shorter, Carolyn got a little concerned about the fact that I didn't own a vcr and that I refused to get cable. So, with that Alaskan knack of generousity and wisdom, she gifted me (together with many other more than generous gifts) a dvd player for my 30th birthday. In any event, I'm now an owner of a dvd player so I'm trying to be better about things like returning a movie. We'll see.]

Anyways, Puck and I were driving around. He likes it. I think he likes matching the piping on the bag he drives around in. To reward him for his good "staying in the bag" performance, I stopped off by the Park Strip and let him out to play in the snow.

We weren't the only ones enjoying the Park Strip. There were a lot of dogs, with owners tossing frisbees or in arctic jogging gear.

There was a man walking his reindeer.

On a leash.


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